DevNet Associate Study Resources

If you are looking for study resources for the Cisco DevNet Associate certification; I suggest looking at this material.

2/11/21: Cisco DevNet Associate Prep On Demand. Get help on your DevNet Associate certification self-study plan directly from Cisco. Includes access to exclusive study resources and tools.

Nick Russo is a Cisco Tech Leader who developed an excellent, low cost DEVASC study plan.  See this video and his website for more information.  I strongly suggest developing and using a study plan like Nick presented here that defines study objectives and means for testing your comprehension and skills.

Getting started everyone should take a look at the exam blueprint and Cisco DevNet Day 2020 recordings. All of this material is free but does require that you register / login (still free).  I highly recommend the ‘Start Now’ recordings and presentations (available for download).  DevNet Advocates  Matt DeNapoli and Kareem Iskander offer great, easy to understand introductions to DevNet core coding concepts  (APIs, Python, and Git).

Matt was using (free) Microsoft Virtual Studio Code, which I found is pretty great if you are developing Python on a Windows PC.

Shame on you if you are studying for a certification (or anything really) and have not found Quizlet yet.  Again, registration is free.  I suggest looking at the following quiz sets.

DevNet Associate by Quizlet user RhysCHarris.  A short quiz on terms and topics that they (and I) found interesting.

If you are just getting started take a look at this Cisco DevNet Associate quiz set by Quizlet user Alpinism.  This set is long (over 300 items) and difficult; but I believe one that you should look at before taking the exam.

When you think you are ready to schedule the DAVASC exam I suggest trying the DevNet practice exams at Udemy developed by Veyhurdam Dikmen.  I found these low cost practice exams were well written and are very comprehensive.

2/12/21: I have a copy of the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Official Cert Guide.  556 pages!  I will probably review the book on my personal site,

4/16/21 Update: Section 1.8 of the exam blueprint calls for understanding how “common version control operations” AKA Git works.  I found a great resource for learning about Git developed by the folks at Altassian.

Section 2 of the blueprint covers understanding and using APIs.  While there are a number of ways of developing APIs; Cisco tends to use RESTful APIs throughout the product line.  For a short introduction to REST see this material that I found over at RedHat.

Section 3 is all about developing (writing code) that interacts with Cisco Platforms.  The best way to prepare for this section of the exam is create an account and use the instruction and labs found at  There is great material there and it is available for you to use for free.  The alternative is finding some place that actually has all the latest Cisco products stacked up in a lab for you to use.  That’s really not going to happen.

If looking for code samples check out the Cisco DevNet developer community on Github.

According to the DevNet blueprint, Section4 is all about secure development.  While this is just 15% of the exam there are several topics which are important and easy to write exam questions about including:

Section 5.6 of the exam blueprint calls for describing automation tools such as Ansible, Puppet, and Chef.  In section 5.8 asks to describe a workflow in Ansible.  I found a great training video that covers these topics from the Ansible folks at RedHat.

I’ll update this page as my own studies progress.  You’ll know about updates if you subscribe to my mail list.

Good luck!