Security Onion 2

I had the opportunity to attend the Security Onion 2020 User Conference yesterday. This was a two plus hour virtual event this year due to the pandemic. The Security Onion Solutions team did a really great job both logistically via WebEx and Discord. The team did well content wise too; packing an extraordinary amount of news about the new version along with a thorough walk through of many of the useful capabilities of the new version of this commercially supported open source network security monitoring solution. It was announced that Security Onion v2 (actually 2.3) has reached General Availability (GA) release status and (sadly) that the previous version Security Onion 16.04 will go end of life in April of 2021.

The Power of Facebook

Welcome to Ford’s Lab!

I recently changed my Facebook setting to point at ‘Ford’s Lab’.

This was an experiment on my part to see how quickly my fellow facebook users would notice the change.  I was sort of shocked that within the first hour a number of my friends had noticed and liked or commented on the change.

Note: I have not changed jobs.